Tucan Travel

Tucan Travel has operated worldwide adventure tours since 1987. Most of their travellers are 25 to 45 but everyone is welcome and single travellers don't pay any extra.

Tucan Travel offers a number of tours for a range of travel styles. From small group adventure tours using public transport and locally owned hotels in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America, to discovery tours that will see you travel in the comfort of Tucan's own vehicles and stay in small hotels through Southern Africa and South America.

The adventure tour company has budget expeditions that provide 18 to 35 year olds with a unique and affordable experience in South America. Their overlanding tours use Tucan's own expedition vehicles and combine camping and hotels while exploring Africa and South America. Expedition cruising includes ship-based expeditions on a selection of vessels and destinations in South America, Antarctica and the Arctic.

Tucan Travel designs, crews and operates its own tours. You're only really a local once you've lived somewhere most of your life so Tucan has built long term friendships with the local guides and they'll treat you the same way.

Ask your My Adventure Travel adventure specialist for more details about Tucan Travel on 1300 018 390.