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Peregrine Adventures live and breathe adventure travel and believe that everyone has  the spirit of adventure.  For some, that might mean immersing yourself in local village life, experiencing sights, sounds and smells you have never encountered before. For others, it's an intimate encounter with wildlife and our planet s amazing diversity. It could even be a trek along ancient trails in a remote mountain range or kayaking among icebergs at the Poles.

For over 30 years, Peregrine Adventures has offered adventure holidays for small groups of all ages. Peregrine has more than 300 tours in over 80 countries across the Himalaya, India, China, Central and South East Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Australia, Antarctic and The High Arctic.

Peregrine experiences include cultural adventures, wildlife experiences, family holidays, active walks, treks, mountaineering expeditions, cycling adventures, polar expedition voyages and much more. Whatever your spirit for adventure is, Peregrine has a tour to satisfy it.

Another aspect that sets the company apart is that all Peregrine tours are lead by friendly, English-speaking locals, born and raised in the country you are visiting, and who possess a lifetime of knowledge about their country. They are dedicated to showcasing the very best of their homeland, especially the hidden gems you wouldn't find on your own. Peregrine Adventures are also strongly committed to setting benchmarks in Responsible Tourism by operating tours in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

All tours run by Peregrine Aventures, with the exception of Polar (100 passengers) and Galapagos cruises (16 passengers), have a maximum group size of 15, ensuring your tour provides an authentic experience and allows you the chance to get to know your like-minded travelling companions. Tour accommodation usually consists of quality, centrally located hotels with private bathrooms.

Ask your My Adventure Travel adventure specialist for more details about Peregrine Adventures on 1300 018 390.

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