Bench International Safaris

Since Charles Bench opened his safari company Bench in Sydney in 1969, it has shown thousands of Australians the stunning wildlife, scenery and unique cultures of Southern and East Africa.

In the south, Bench continues to showcase the deserts of Namibia, the waterways of Botswana and the diversity of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Madagascar and Mozambique. In the East African nations of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, Bench offers close encounters with annual animal migrations, mountain gorillas, and the challenge of scaling Africa s highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.

History buffs will relish the chance to explore the archaeological wonders of Egypt and its fascinating neighbours of Jordan and Oman, while beach lovers can sunbathe along the coastline of Mozambique, Zanzibar and Lamu, and laze in luxury at the numerous resorts in Mauritius.

For an African adventure holiday full of treasured memories and unforgettable experiences, Bench are the unrivalled experts.

Ask your My Adventure Travel adventure specialist for more details about Bench International on 1300 018 390.