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Things to do in Zanzibar

  • 1Exotic and fascinating Stone Town.
  • 2Superb beaches and rich marine life.
  • 3The unique culture of nearby Pemba Island.
  • 4Haunting taarab music.
  • 5The archipelago s many colourful festivals.

With natural beauty and an exotic history as a centre of the spice trade and slave trade, the Zanzibar Archipelago, off the coast of Tanzania is a fascinating destination. A Zanzibar adventure tour takes you to an exotic world like no other.

Explore the labyrinth of narrow streets in Stone Town, with its ornate doorways, lovely old mansions with overhanging verandahs and quaint hole-in-the-wall shops. Visit the House of Wonders, a former sultan s palace, the Palace Museum and the Old Fort, which houses the Zanzibar Cultural Centre. You ll also find magnificent cathedrals and mosques, bustling markets and food stalls serving exotic dishes in the evenings in the Forodhani Gardens. Be sure to catch a taarab performance   Zanzibar s most popular form of music combining African, Arabic and Indian influences. Outside Stone Town, take a tour of a spice plantation, visit historical sites and head for superb beaches for swimming, diving, snorkelling and simply relaxing. On the neighbouring island of Pemba, visit coral reefs offering some of the best diving in the world and a fascinating culture renowned for voodoo and traditional healers.

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