India Yoga Tours from Australia

Things to do in Yoga in India

  • 1Witness the day to day life of India on the Ganges
  • 2Take part in a yoga workshop in two of the most sacrosanct capitals of the world.
  • 3Absorb almost city charge of Sarnath and hire a car for the day
  • 4Observe the daily Aarti worship on the Ganges
  • 5Visit Ram Jhula and watch out for monkeys!

Yoga Tours in India

India is a destination of surprises, contradictions, royalty, poverty and colour. It can suck you in and addict you to its extensive histories, tales of myths and impossible monuments; it speaks to a time when man weren’t just builders and architects, but artists embodying their visions and personalities, affections and fears, in thousands of sandstone bricks, slabs of pure marble and towering obelisks to whatever God or man they worshipped.

Indians are expressive and curious, innovative and unafraid to push the boundaries of plausibility until something else emerges, and so it has. Though this cauldron of culture is waiting for your senses, and your ears, eyes and tastebuds deserve to feast on its eloquence and decadence, India is also a place of enlightenment. Peace.

Must-See Places

  • Varanasi
  • Rishikesh

Yoga tours. India. A question and solution almost as old as Rishikesh itself, where the Himalayas come knocking and sacred ground has long been established. Poets, artists, writers and Yogi’s journey to India’s holiest town, searching for the secret of ascension, joining expert yoga classes of various grades (including Asanas and Pranayama) and meditation groups on the banks of the Ganges.

If you desire a little spectator experience, take leave from your own path and witness other pilgrims participating in the Aarti worship; or, if you need something a little more heart stopping, you could always balance out peace with a spot of action, and hit up some of the best white water rafting courses in the world.

Feeling considerably lighter (we hope), pack your spirit and make a quick stop in Varanasi, the holy city of divinity and one of four stops on a enlightenment trail Buddha was said to follow. Stupas, statues and hidden pagodas abound, take a yoga class, grab a mat and contemplate life on the Ganges.

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