Yangtze River

Things to do in Yangtze

  • 1Taking a boat cruise down the Yangtze River is a wonderful way to see a lot of China
  • 2The smaller wooden boats offer a more intimate experience
  • 3Make sure to stop in at the cities on the coastline to see more
  • 4Exploring historical sites on the banks of the river gives a look into China’s past
  • 5The picturesque views of the three gorges is unforgettable

The Yangtze River is an ever-present character in China’s past, present and future. Asia’s longest river has borne witness to and played and part in more than 5000 years of growth and culture. It has been used for everything from drinking water to transportation to marking boundaries. It traverses 11 provinces and cities and lining its banks are rustic villages to great modern cities.


Chongquing is a mountain city famous for its fiery-hot cuisine, the Zoo which contains over 230 species of rare animals and the China Three Gorges Museum.

Nanjing has been called one of the most beautiful cities of mainland China. It has lush parks, lakes and mountains, historical buildings and monuments, and relics. Main attractions include the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial and a Qing Dynasty style bazaar surrounding a Confucian temple.


On the river itself there is much to see. The three gorges are banked by mountains and sheer cliffs covered with forests and unique peaks. The sheer size of the Three Gorges Dam makes it the largest project of its kind in the world and a spectacle that displays modern technology and man’s willpower. Smaller gorges have lush foliage, emerald water, and wild monkey’s bouncing along the banks. The Shennong Stream excursion lets you explore the river on a wooden boat.


The river abounds with amazing natural beauties such as Huangshan, “yellow mountain”, described as the loveliest mountain in China, known for stunning granite rocks and peaks persistently enveloped by clouds. And historical sites are dotted along the river, such as Fengdu Ghost City, which comes complete with demon and ghoul-decorated sites showing the ancient Chinese vision of Hell.

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