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Things to do in Yangshuo

  • 1In this “global city” you’re bound to meet friendly travellers
  • 2Whether you’re just starting out or an old pro, rock climbing is a fun activity
  • 3Raft cruises as a way to see the area
  • 4The light show that plays with the landscape
  • 5Bustling West Street is the place to go for food and culture

Surrounded by karst peaks and with the stunning Li River on one side, Yangshuo is a popular traveller county and city in China. It has become a place that many international backpackers use as a base to explore further. Here you can get a taste of local flavours for cheap, and visit local peaks, rivers, caves, temples, cafes and bars.


The location is renowned for its karst peaks; the hundreds upon hundreds of limestone hills sweeping across the countryside. The streets have been kept in the original style of the ancient city. West Street is one of the town’s liveliest areas.


See the Li River on rafts or by cycling down the riverside tracks, which takes you through farming villages and over several stone bridges. Yulong River Valley is particularly beautiful stretch.


A Karst cave has been dubbed Assembling Dragon Cave because of the peaks that look like dragons among the clouds. Inside the cave there are multitudes of stalactites and stalagmites. Add a psychedelic touch with neon lights and background music.


The Impression Sanjie Liu light show incorporates night and the landscape, the river, its banks, even the mountains, to create a vivid story. Bundle up and get lost in the stunning visuals.


Yangshuo has a lively climbing scene and world class sites. There are over 300 climbing routes ranging in difficulty, and if you’re looking for a partner, it’s usually not hard to find one.


Because of the traveller culture, there are a range of restaurants and shops, and an almost unlimited number of hotels and hostels. There are savoury local specialties like beer fish served on West Street, and locally produced grapefruit or pomelos, which are very sweet and very juicy. 

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