Yangon Tours

Things to do in Yangon

  • 1Visit the sombre Taukkyan War Cemetery and pay your respects to the fallen.
  • 2Be wowed by the gravity defying Golden Rock Pagoda and gaze out blissfully over the horizon.
  • 3Explore the Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue, brimming with secrets and stories.
  • 4You will be entranced by the colour and crisp air of the Botatoung Pagoda.
  • 5Catch dinner and a show with a difference, basking in the contradictions of Karaweik Palace.

Visiting Yangon

Yangon is an exotic, isolationist jewel, waiting to be toured and explored by respectful visitors; the people are friendly and fast to help, greeting tourists with wide smiles and open hearts. If you feel a slither of suspicion ice the air, remember, Yangon has been the subject of many invasions, ranging from the Mongols, to the French and the British. They’re comfortable with their peaceful, simple life, as the military junta slips from power and the countryside re-opens to curious wanderers.

The spirit of the local people is evident in their response to natural disaster, political unrest and social dissent, as once roaring and damaged streets are emerging again as glimmering beckons of curiosity.

Must-See Places

  • The Buddhist worship site of Shwedagon Pagoda

Though Yangon has been stripped of its capital mantle, an influx of travellers has placed it on many bucket lists, as cyclists start to plot out long distance paths and must-sees, within and surrounding the city – even if you’ve struck out on your Myanmar journey elsewhere, you will pass through Yangon and be captivated by its natural and historical beauty.

The city has a natural magnetism, intangible and unexplainable. Imagine the immensity or intricate design required to fully conceptualise the Shwedagon Pagoda, a Buddhist worship site constructed almost three thousand years ago – the patience, mathematical precision and devotion required for its builders and creators to see it through to its final detail. You can be a part of that history.

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