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Things to do in Xian

  • 1Discover the stories of the Wild Goose Pagoda, dating back to 647 A.D
  • 2Bask in the beauty of the Xi’an Bell Tower (visit again at night!)
  • 3Be blown away by the scenic trails of the Cuihua Mountains.
  • 4Tour the Eastern Tombs of the significant Qin Dynasty.
  • 5Lose yourself under the cherry blossoms fringing the Qinglong Temple.

Visit Xi'an

Delving into the Chinese landscape usually begins and ends at the Beijing terminal, a brief stop-over or a week long holiday, discovering the history of the country without stepping off the well-worn tourism path.

The essence of China though, if you truly seek historical and cosmopolitan immersion, is characterised by the ancient Xi’an (Chang’an), the rollicking capital of thirteen dynasties and the rule of seventy-three emperors.

Must-See Places

  • The Terracotta Warriors
  • The Forest Stone Steles

From the moment you depart your hotel, the footprints you pace out follow a one thousand year legacy, as the legendary Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties exerted their will over the country from the lands of Xi’an.

Bursting with archaeological discoveries, Xi’an hosts the famed Terracotta Warriors, a 16,300 square metre excavation housing over seven thousand life sized warriors and horses, expertly rendered and arranged in war sequences.

Brochures won’t do it justice, images you’ve pulled up on the internet cannot truly depict the magnitude of the cavern and your mind will do cartwheels, as you rumble along to the next stop, the Forest of Stone Steles. Carved in 837 A.D, each stele is completely unique and intricate, a message stick from a time long past; though one can lost for hours studying the steles, there are other surprises to witness, so make sure you pack your attention span and camera!

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