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Breaking the sky in southern Jordan, Wadi Rum houses an extensive account of people long past, including the literate Nabateans, the natural ancient story tellers of Arabia. Though the dust has long ago settled on bygone eras, the haunting serenity and sun baked landscape will challenge you, transport you and change the way you perceive the world, as it is and as it was.

Immortalised by the creative imaginings of TE Lawrence, Wadi Rum is a seductive, dusky valley of colours, angled and altered by the cycle of the sun. You will be tempted to extend your holiday, as Wadi Rum at night is an unforgettable experience; an ocean of starlight dances above you, as the moon peaks in the sky, a silvery scythe cutting into your dreams.

Must-See Places

  • Khaz’ali Canyon
  • Trek the peak of Burdah Bridge
  • Meet and greet the Bedouin community

Wadi Rum is nothing short of exquisite. A small town provides cultural immersion, as the people greet travellers warmly and the hospitable traditions of the Bedouin are satisfied; you won’t find a kinder people anywhere else.

After enjoying a desert sunrise, descend into the Khaz’ali Canyon and explore the twists and turns of this arterial beauty, analysing the inscriptions and drawings from Greek, Talmudic and Islamic influences, some dating back thousands of years. 

Get your blood pumping with a quick climb to the peak of Burdah Bridge, a rock formation in Wadi Rum that not only delights, but challenges your hand-hold prowess. Ask a friend or fellow traveller to stay on the ground, and make sure they capture your best side, as you stand on top of the desert.

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