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Things to do in Uganda

  • 1The Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon)
  • 2Rare mountain gorillas
  • 3Roaring Murchison Falls
  • 4Lively and friendly capital of Kampala
  • 5Relax at beautiful lake Bunyonyi

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Uganda

Visiting Uganda

In one small but stunning country, Uganda packs in much of the best the continent of Africa has to offer. An adventure tour to Uganda takes in majestic mountains, rare mountain gorillas, some of the best white-water rafting in the world and heart-warming hospitality from an ethnically diverse people with distinct tribal areas.

The Victoria Nile flows from Lake Victoria into Lake Kyoga then cuts a raucous passage west across Karuma Falls and through the narrow pillars of roaring Murchison Falls towards Lake Albert. Finally the Albert Nile meanders along a slow, wide corridor into Southern Sudan. To the far west of Uganda, the snow covered Rwenzori Mountains (or Mountains of the Moon) rise into almost permanent equatorial mists.

Must-See Places

  • Maramagambo, Budongo and Bwindi
  • Capital city of Kampala
  • Lake Bunyonyi

The mountain slopes have their own strange successive worlds of vegetation. In the south-west are the Mufumbiro volcanoes, a chain of imposing cones that rise out of the lava plain of the western rift. The tropical hardwood rainforests of Western Uganda, such as Maramagambo, Budongo and Bwindi, evoke adventure and wonder. Then there's the lively and friendly capital, Kampala, and time to relax at beautiful Lake Bunyonyi, with its hidden bays and terraced hillsides.

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