Udaipur Tours

Things to do in Udaipur

  • 1Behold, touch and discover the magnificence of the City Palace of Udaipur.
  • 2Don’t be fooled by small packaging, a tour of Sas Bahu Temple is a must-do.
  • 3Be charmed by the magnetism and sweeping beauty of Jagdish Temple.
  • 4Fateh Prakash Palace has everything; history, sculptures, architecture and amazing food!
  • 5Explore authentic Rajasthan and experience market life in Shilpgram.

Visiting Udaipur

The thought of India besieges even the most experienced traveller with a range of emotions; excitement, as the kinetic atmosphere of Delhi leaks through their daydreams. Saliva swallowing nerves, as millions of people pack tightly into cities new and old, juxtaposing eye-popping splendour with crippling poverty. Helplessness, as hands reach out in desperation, many with open faces and eyes tinged with desperation. And finally, the deep seeded desire to explore; nowhere else on earth does there exist a nation so diverse, complex, arresting, numbing, beautiful and confronting. If you need to start slow or escape the suffocation of colourful Delhi, Udaipur is a beckon of serenity, standing against an idyllic backdrop in Rajasthan.

Must-See Places

  • Jain Temple
  • Kumbhalgarh Fort
  • Lake Pichola

Udaipur is a cultural jewel shimmering with purple, blue and honeysuckle palettes, painted by the passing of the day. Where you’ll begin your first day is up to you, though many cannot go past the Jain Temple, a haven of eternal peace populated by devout monks, jaw dropped tourists and observant locals. Come along with a heap of time up your sleeve; you’ll extend your passage again and again.

After you’ve chased enlightenment, pile into a local bus or hire car and motor to the Kumbhalgarh Fort, an isolated monument to history and armies, lined with impressive ramparts and a sense of timelessness; climb to the top and look across the horizon. If you’ve been blessed with a clear day and good weather, you’ll be elated to see a clear view of neighbouring Jodipur; just be aware of travel times! And how do you end your first perfect day? Climb aboard a harbour vessel and delight in the mirrors of Lake Pichola, as sunset streaks across the sky and sets the scene for a romantic night out.

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