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The Turquoise Coast, so named for the magnificent colour of the water and distant horizon, stretches along the south-western coast of Turkey for more than 1000 kilometres. Also known as the Turkish Riviera, this region of Turkey is famous for its sandy secluded beaches, warm ocean waters, as well as a variety of archaeological sites.

Things to do in Turquoise Coast

  • 1Head east along the coast to Anamur and Kızkalesi, where you can see a variety of ancient Roman ruins.
  • 2Visit the bath house at Side, where famous lovers Antony and Cleopatra are said to have bathed in the milk of asses.
  • 3 The town of Fethiye is a blend of the ancient and modern, with stone sarcophagi in the streets alongside the brightly coloured yacht sails in the bay beyond.
  • 4Visit the birth place of jolly old St Nick (or Santa Claus for the uninitiated) at Patara.
  • 5Marvel at the chimera, mysterious flames that emanate from vents in the cliffs at various locations around the coast.

The Turquoise Coast seamlessly blends ancient ruins with modern civilisation, with a touch of quaint country charm thrown in to create a unique and extraordinary environment.

If you want to see Turkey without the masses of tourists, head east through the mountain range to Anamur and Kızkalesi, where you’ll find a glut of ancient ruins surrounding you. Or make your way around to Side on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean shore. Ancient folklore says that famous lovers Antony and Cleopatra holidayed in Side, bathing in asses’ milk in Side’s Roman bath house. Side is situated on the site where an ancient Roman city once stood, so within a 5 minutes walk, you can view the remains of the Temple of Apollo or walk among huge sections of ancient buildings partially hidden by sand dunes.

To experience the old alongside the new, Fethiye has age-old stone sarcophagi on view in its streets, ancient tombs in the cliff overlooking the town, and a magnificent azure bay dotted with islands. Or further around the bay you can visit Patara, the birth place of St Nicholas (more commonly referred to as Santa Claus!) and then walk along the very long, very secluded and very inviting beach.

And finally, no tour along the Turquoise Coast would be complete without seeing the Chimera, inexplicable flames that emanate from vents in the cliff walls. Best seen at night, the Chimera can be viewed from a number of locations around the coast.

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