Turkey Tours

Hop on your magic Turkish carpet and fly to the meeting place of East and West. For millennia, civilisations have traversed this land and left behind the most mind-blowing ruins. From a Roman library built to house 12,000 scrolls, to Ottoman palaces and a 9000-year-old Neolithic city – Turkey is a culture vulture’s paradise.

Things to do in Turkey

  • 1The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Aya Sofya in Istanbul
  • 2Visit a traditional hamam (bath house)
  • 3The 'fairy chimney' towns of Cappadocia
  • 4The ancient statues of Nemrut Dagi National Park
  • 5The ancient cities of Pergamum and Ephesus

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Turkey

The coast is studded with charming fishing villages and deserted coves with crystal-clear waters. Go ahead – just dive in. And then there's cosmopolitan Istanbul – one of those cities you could spend a lifetime exploring. Go bargain hunting at the Grand Bazaar, soak in the majesty of Hagia Sophia, or watch the world go by with a flaky baklava and a Turkish coffee that will knock your socks off.

Turkey Must See

  • Be awed by the splendour of the Blue Mosque
  • Whirl with the dervishes in Konya
  • Pay your respects to the ANZACs at Gallipoli
  • Fill your belly with delicious Turkish delights

Experiences in Turkey

Turkey is huge and jam-packed with amazing spots to explore. Lucky for you, there are dozens of ways to see it all. In Istanbul you can take a quick hop between Europe and Asia on a cruise on the Bosphorus Straight.

Set sail along the Mediterranean coast past sleepy fishing villages and perfect beaches. For adventurers it’s worth taking a trip to Kas to try paragliding, mountain biking or canyoning. Or get right off the beaten track on an overland adventure into the remote north-eastern reaches.

Family adventures

Take your kids on a magic carpet ride to ramble around Roman ruins and discover ancient cities. Who said history class had to be boring?

Sailing and cruising

Butterfly Valley is an untouched paradise where an idyllic waterfall cascades to a deserted beach. The only way to get there is by boat – what are you waiting for?


Turkish hospitality is legendary and you’ll experience it firsthand with a homestay. Enjoy a delicious feast with your hosts then curl up on a traditional ‘urfa’ and dream sweet.


Strap on your hiking boots and tackle the gorgeous Lycian Trail that winds its way from Fethiye to Kas through forests of pine and groves of olive trees.

Food tours

Traditional Turkish tea, delicious kebabs, fresh seafood and tables of meze – there is so much delicious-ness to discover on a foodie tour of Turkey.

Greece and Turkey tours

Traditional Turkish tea, delicious kebabs, fresh seafood and tables of meze – there is so much delicious-ness to discover on a foodie tour of Turkey.

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