Trekking in Nepal

Things to do in Trekking in Nepal

  • 1Visit the holy caves of Pashupatinah
  • 2Spot a Rhino in Chitwan National Park
  • 3Watch your step on Devi’s Falls
  • 4Open your eyes to the Himalayas on the plane of Tudikhel
  • 5Wake up in the neats of rows of Kaiser Mahal

Tenacious trekkers have been summiting Everest for over fifty years; before packing your hiking poles and cross-fitting spare Saturdays in preparation for a trial by natural beauty, take a moment to ready your mind, before standing at the gates of Taumadhi Square, spell-bound by the abundance of jaw-dropping panoramas and sprinklings of a robust culture, tucked away behind the highest perches.

Nepal trekking tours transcend the ordinary. Stepping out into the buzz of Kathmandu, trekkers can walk the regal halls of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, still their minds on the steps of Boudha Stupa and finish with a hike down Freak Street. As dawn breaks the group moves on, feel revitalised by the serenity of the Himalayan valleys; the ancient city of Bhaktapur is a relatively short jump, twelve kilometres east of Kathmandu. There are no taxis, tuk tuks or rickshaws allowed on the musty lanes of Bhaktapur, listed as UNESCO heritage site and renowned as a global City of Culture. Monasteries, magic and a true melting pot of beliefs, to trek into Nepal is to unlock a different world, complete with wooden houses, kindly people and rushing rivers, swirling around the legends of Buddhist and Hindu tradition.

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