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Trekking Tours

Some of the world s most beautiful regions, villages and scenery are accessible only on foot. Even for the most accessible cities, often the best way to really experience a place is by walking right into the heart of it, where you can mingle with the locals, stay in basic lodgings and take in views that literally take your breath away.

Trekking holidays are ideally suited for enthusiastic walkers who relish the prospect of exploring off the beaten track places, discovering remote villages and monasteries, and walking through dramatic and inspiring natural landscapes.

Trekking holidays typically require that you carry a small pack with your needs for the day. On some more challenging treks, walkers are required to carry a full pack containing all your trekking equipment. Trekking days can vary, but typically range from 4 to 10 hours a day depending on the grading.

On a battlefield tour guided by expert war historians, you will learn of the selfless sacrifices of thousands of young men and women that unknowingly forged the identity of our nation.

My Adventure Travel can help you discover remote trails like those of the Himalaya in Nepal, Bhutan and India, the infamous Karakoram in Pakistan, the Andes, the Rockies, Africa's Kilimanjaro, the hill tribe regions of Thailand and Vietnam, Europe's Alps and Dolomites, Iceland s rugged wilderness, the Southern Alps of New Zealand and Australia s remote outback.

To book a trekking tour or find out more details, talk to your My Adventure Travel adventure specialist on 1300 018 390 and don't forget to ask about our latest specials.

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