African safari tour


Historically connected with hunting, contemporary African safari tours typically involve an expedition to observe and photograph animals and other wildlife animals in their natural habitat.

Taken from the Swahili word for "long journey," a safari tour is a guided exploration usually within vast African game parks and often whimsically associated with pith helmets and animal skin clothing.

My Adventure Travel works with a number of African safari tour companies throughout the continent, offering a near endless range of diverse safari tours with varying levels of comfort and choices of inclusions. Whether you're after a raw camping experience, a luxurious private lodge with sweeping views across African landscapes, or even a specialist wildlife photography adventure, My Adventure Travel can find the African safari tour holiday that's a perfect fit for you, your travel style and budget.

To book an African safari tour or to find out more details, talk to your My Adventure Travel adventure specialist on 1300 018 390 and don't forget to ask about our latest specials.

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