Thailand Tours from Australia

Perfect white-sand beaches? Yes. The hectic non-stop buzz of Bangkok? Yes. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find there's more to Thailand – a wonderland of lush jungle best explored by bamboo raft; intriguing ethnic minority cultures nestled in misty hills; spectacular ruins whispering legends of the Siam of old.

Things to do in Thailand

  • 1Golden temples and urban buzz in Bangkok
  • 2Perfect beaches at Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Chang and Ko Tao
  • 3The ancient cities of Ayuthaya and Sukhothai
  • 4Hill tribe trekking around Chiang Mai
  • 5The wildlife reserve of Khao Sok National Park

Highlights of our Thailand Tours

Your Thailand adventure will be fuelled by some of the world’s best cuisine. Pull up a plastic stool for a bowl of spicy noodles at a kerbside café. Taste the high life and the breathtaking views of Bangkok’s hip sky bars. Or munch on some made-to-order Khanom Krok coconut hot cakes for a cheeky breakfast – there’s no danger of going hungry in Thailand. They don’t call it the Land of Smiles for nothing. Get your grin on and get going.

Thailand Must See

  • Style up your wardrobe at Bangkok's massive Chatuchak market
  • Swim at Maya Bay where The Beach was filmed
  • Answer the call of the wild on a jungle trek
  • Kayak in the beautiful Khao Sam Roi Yort National Park
  • Slurp Tom Yum at Chiang Mai's night market

Experiences in Thailand

You'll fall in love with Thailand the second you get there. It's pretty great. But to max out your experience, choose a Thailand tour that is tailored to your interests. Get amongst the culture, food and landscape in a way that suits your personal travelling style.

Delve into the refined flavours of royal Thai cuisine and the rich coconut curries of the south on a culinary Thailand tour. Island hop between heavenly tropical paradises. Trek to remote hill villages, cycle the backroads amongst ancient temples or kayak down the River Kwai.

Food Tours

Can you tell a mangosteen from a mango? After a trip to the market, head into the kitchen to chop, crush, grind and mix yourself a feast worthy of Thai royalty.

Family Adventures

Stay with a local family in a Thai village, watch elephants having a bath, sail between islands, barter at markets, visit waterfalls... Kids love Thailand and Thais love kids.


Set sail from gorgeous Koh Tao, strap on your flippers and snorkel and leap into an underwater paradise of colourful fish and untouched coral reefs.

Island hopping tours

If it's a chill-out break from work you're after, just hop lazily between the beautiful islands of Thailand. Each one is different but they're all utterly gorgeous.

Cycling Tours

Pedal your way between ancient temples and ruins or take to the backroads and meet the friendly locals. A trip on two wheels is the best way to get right amongst daily life.

Trekking Tours

In the hills of the far-north, many different ethnic minority groups live their traditional lifestyle. Trekking to their villages is a classic Thailand experience.


If you’re lucky enough to visit during the Loi Krathong festival you'll see the night sky illuminated by hundreds of ‘krathong’ or floating lanterns. Magic under a full moon!

Wildlife Tours

When you think 'Thailand', you might not think 'wildlife'. But elephant reserves, jungle treks and snorkelling adventures are all thick with beautiful wild creatures.

Golden Triangle Tours

The remote borderlands where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet up were formerly the centre of a roaring opium trade. These days it's a great place for a rural river boat journey.

Day Tours

Add a day tour of Thailand to your travel itinerary to cram in a little more Thailand action – perhaps sailing, cooking, history, temples, canoeing or snorkelling.

Elephant Tours

To spend time with Asia's gentle giants, head to Chiang Mai or Lampang. Visiting a rescue and rehabilitation centre is an ethical way to interact with with Thailand's endangered elephants.

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