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Things to do in Takayama

  • 1Delve into the 400 year old farm dwellings of Gassho Shuraku.
  • 2Stretch your legs and bewitch your eyes, trekking to the Hirayuotaki Waterfall.
  • 3Tempt yourself with a taste of Takayama Sake!
  • 4Strap on a helmet and go underground, exploring Hida Daishonyudo Cave.
  • 5Stroll beneath the cherry blossoms of Shokawza Zakura.

Visiting Takayama

Very rarely does a traveller experience a destination truly trapped in time, and although Takayama doesn’t quite secure the claim, this Hidia transport hub will not only delight you, its landscape will beguile your senses into believing its residents never moved on. At least in part.

A city of festivals and jubilant delights, travellers descend of Takayama to witness the parades and fanfare of San’o Matsuri and Yahata Matsuri. Sporadic revelry interplays with the local laid back lifestyle, as visitors dine on the sensational flavours of regional cuisines and plot out their day trips, slurping a thin noodle from their ramen bowl.

Whether you’re travelling by bike, bus or on foot, a stop-over in Takayama is essential to any authentic Japanese experience.

Must-See Places

  • The Hida no Sato 
  •  The Higashiyama Walking Course 

When you picture a museum, walls, doors and displays materialise, a stagnant environment honouring history and artistic skill; the Hida no Sato open air museum not only challenges your preconceived ideas, but boots them across the sea in a single certain kick. Transported by concerned conservationists, Hida no Sato still operates as a modest, historic village, welcoming tourists into wood carving shops and road side craft stalls, providing insight into the care and dedication of making travel mementos.

Whether you buy or just observe, you will become invested in the success of a piece, the people running the shop and the welcoming atmosphere bouncing from house to house. 

Tired of jumping from hotspot to bucket list entry? Why not pack as much as you can into a lazy walking tour? Spanning over three kilometres, the Higashiyama Walking Course is punctuated by historical tombs, tucked away shrines and lush gardens, wanting wear and your curiosity. The pace is leisurely and to be tackled with a full stomach, or why not pick up a bowl of hoba miso on the way?

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