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You know those places you think you’ve heard of, habitually popping up in conversation with globe-trotting friends? Places that stir the soul and stick in the mind, after stumbling upon their secrets and graces, a happy accident to capture and enjoy. Sukothai is more than a moment, though often bypassed for a faster holiday destination and brighter lights; those who do stop and soak in the crumbling legacy of this ancient kingdom come away with something more than a sunburn and a lengthy hangover.

The light of Thailand during the 13th century, Sukhothai was a beckon of culture and civilisation; though its ruins crumble and ebb away under the harshness of the elements, the old city still exercises a certain magnetism over travellers and locals; the bedrock of Thailand was cobbled together here, from governance to religion and the succession of the monarchy. Where do you start? With the biggest, the grandest, the intrinsically regal; Wat Mahathat. Home to a surprisingly located Buddha head, the Wat is striking and dyed by age, casting browned and bronze shades, with marvellous structures to delight the eye. After storing a memory of the Wat on your SD card, walk around the rest of the Sukthoaki Historical Park and lose countless hours amongst the ruins. See the world from a different perspective; while you’re floating on a spiritual cloud, visit Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, a family owned protection centre that will lift your heart and make you smile.

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