Tours South Georgia

Things to do in South Georgia

  • 1Visit the grave of Ernest Shackleton and pick through tombstones of less famous whalers
  • 2Unravel the past with a stopover at the South Georgia Museum
  • 3Be captivated by the splendid yellow plumage of the King Penguin
  • 4Go bird watching and spot the graceful Albatross
  • 5Witness one of the most sensitive and expansive aquatic bio-diversities in the world

Though the hospitable moniker of the South Sandwich Islands sounds both delicious and welcoming, South Georgia can be a forbidding place, hosting no standard community save a collection of officials and scientists. A packed lunch destination it certainly isn’t. Despite the dire descriptions this aged whaling outpost may attract, it is still a fascinating and essential stop as your float toward Antarctica, providing sound practice for the Big White One. Stepping off your ship and onto the frozen shelves and rocky shore of South Georgia is humbling, as a quiet, ghost town materialises from the wind whipped haze and a frozen panorama threatens to steal your breath and injects a sense of wonder to tackle any fear. Beautiful, chequered and almost forgotten.

Grytvikenis, cradled among the eleven peaks cutting into the air, offers an intense history of the region, from the eye-popping stores of 19th century whaling, the Falklands Wa, finished off with a visit to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s grave, an expedition master with a will of steel. Seal and whales play in the bay, no longer fearing the bellowing ships and sharp harpoons, instead scientists study the King Penguin colonies peacefully and apprise travellers just like you of the history and biodiversity of a truly polar climate.

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