Silk Road Tours

Things to do in Silk Road

  • 1Take an hour or two to tour the Terracotta Warriors display.
  • 2Stroll the stunning Water Wheel Garden in Gansu.
  • 3Enter history and explore the Jiayuguan trading post.
  • 4Camel ride to the oasis waters of Crescent Lake.
  • 5Be bedazzled by the reverent Mogao Caves in Dunhuang.

Visit the Silk Road

Similar to the Angkor Trail, the Silk Road isn’t marked with sign posts or directions, and while the way is now sealed with neat tarmac, the passage between the orient and occident still attracts flocks of colourful traders and travellers, captivated by sub-branches and historical must-sees along the way.

The primary road stretches from the antiquity enriched Shaanxi province, to Gansu and across the Hexi Corridor, before traversing the remote basins and rugged ranges of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Must-See Places

  • The Great Goose Pagoda
  • The Gansu province
  • The Bingling Temple
  • The Hexi Corridor

The liberal scatterings of relics, museums, temples, crypts and effigies attract both budding historians and keen globe-trotters, sealing the Silk Road as a bucket list entry for the truly intrepid.

Beginning in the venerable Xi-an, sight-seekers will begin to unravel the care-worn romance of the merchant class and dive into a variety of attractions, including Great Goose Pagoda. Be careful not to get too caught up, though ancient Xi-an was ruled by eleven fascinating dynastic eras, there’s still much more down the road, as Gansu awaits your wonder beyond the Loess Plateau.

The awe-inspiring Bingling Temple will redefine your perception of the word historic, as the first grotto in a series of hundreds of remaining caves were initially carved and realised in 420 CE, slowly developing into an intricate network as subsequent rulers commissioned further networks.

As you pick up your jaw, suspend your astonishment and be further enchanted by the spectacle of the Hexi Corridor, as you experience first-hand the clash of three climates and countries merging.

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