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Things to do in Siena

  • 1Visit the Piazza del Campo, the town square that houses the famous Palio horse race, which is filled with fabulous architecture
  • 2Take a trip to the Medicean Fortress for a concert by any number of local musicians
  • 3Spend time in the Siena Cathedral, which houses impressive monuments within exquisite architecture
  • 4Cook up a storm at the Ecco La Cucina
  • 5Indulge in some quiet time in the beautiful La Foce gardens, which has a fascinating history if you have time to read up about it.

Visiting Siena

If you’re looking for a holiday destination with history, culture and fabulous food, book your tickets to Siena, in Italy’s Tuscan region. The spectacular city is over 2000 years old, and boasts a rich history and a passion for the arts. The centre of the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a popular tourist destination.

There are numerous architectural wonders to see in this beautiful city, many of which also house spectacular works of art. Take the time to explore as many as you can, as you are unlikely to see such beautiful artworks in such beautiful buildings again.

The arts a very big part of Siena’s charm, and as such there are a plethora of musical performances to which travellers can treat themselves. Keep an eye out for performances by local music students, as they tend to offer a great variety of styles in many different venues. You can find swelling opera, or low-key jazz in a local bar.

Of course it wouldn’t be an Italian town without exquisite cuisine, and Siena has too many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Follow your nose and you won’t go wrong. Of course, if it all becomes too much to choose from, you can speak to one of our experienced adventure consultants and have them put you on the right path for a fabulous gastronomic, cultural and historical adventure tour of Siena.

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