Siberia Tours

Things to do in Siberia

  • 1The spine-tingling architecture of Novoslbrlsk
  • 2The classical Irkutsk, the Paris of Siberia
  • 3The deepest lake in the world, Lake Balkal, holds 20% of the world’s freshwater.
  • 4Ulaan Baatar, home of the warlord Genghis Khan.
  • 5Visit the Sukachev Art Museum in Irkutsk

Visiting Siberia

Seeing anything by foot is an involved and irreplaceable experience, but very few of us have time to drive from location to location, much less the necessary know-how or the confidence required to truly tackle even the most straight forward trans-Siberian tours.

Who wants to worry about maps and directions, learning the intricacies of language and etiquette, running out of petrol or running out of patience as you search for the next turn off or navigate another country border? Visas, time, passports and wallets, it can be a little too involved to plan if you don’t have at least six weeks to spare. Disheartened? Don’t be.

Whether you plan to travel by your lonesome, as a twosome or a group, bus tours are aplenty and they cover out the major stops and a few extra small ones along the way, without sacrificing a genuine Siberian experience.

Must-See Places

  • Moscow
  • Red Square
  • Kremlin Fortress

Whether you start on your own steam, measuring the wonders of Moscow and walking the Red Square, being swept away in Russian iconography and architecture; or catch a train later on, getting lost within the walls of the Kremlin Fortress, a weave of culture and historical curiosities, it’s entirely up to you.

An adventure shouldn’t be boring and structured, you have the freedom to mix, match and tailor your stops, starts and overnight stays according to what you need to see. 

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