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A unique Arabian adventure awaits, beyond the skyline of a setting sun and the arrivals gate; although Jordan is a veritable resource of cultural experiences and surprising vistas, find a spare day or two to explore the reaches of Shobak Castle, an edifice of royalty and conflict.

Visit Jordan's Shobak Castle

Witnessing the turn of civilisations, wars and social development, the lingering atmosphere at Shobak Castle is heavy with tales. Originally built by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1115, time and siege had weathered its façade until reconstruction and refurbishment restored it to its former glory in the 14th century.

Crowning an imposing peak, the Shobak is a sight to behold, drawing and capturing the eye long before arrival; join hundreds of pilgrims and the climb the mountain, pausing to absorb the view before disappearing behind the fortifications of Montreal (as it was once known). Though the grounds lack the grandeur of Kerak, you won’t be surrounded by a throng of noisy visitors here; it will be you, the mountain, the castle and the past, echoing around you.

Immune to confined spaces? Try the tunnel, an excavated cave system crusaders dug out to withstand the long days within the now crumbling walls of Shobak, leading to an entrancing spring. Back through the hidden passage and to the north, picking carefully as you tread into an almost pristine keep, decorated by weapons slits. Imagine what it was to live here, fight here and observe the people below in the valley, under the fruit trees; the enduring silence of Shobak will stir your sense of discovery.

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