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Things to do in Shaolin

  • 1Experience the feeling of tranquillity and peace as you first sight the Shaolin Temple nestled in the foothills of the Song Shan mountains.
  • 2Watch in awe as pupils of the Shaolin Kung Fu academy perform amazing routines.
  • 3Pass through a number of halls and small buildings where Buddhists monks meditate.
  • 4Be amazed by the Hall of a Thousand Buddhas, where the impressions of thousands of monks are visible.
  • 5Wander through the Pagoda Forest where almost 250 pagodas sit nestled among the trees.

Visiting The Shaolin Temple

The Shaolin Temple floats on shrouded mist, as the foothills of Song Shan Mountain provide the perfect, secluded perch for pilgrims and nature lovers to commune in peace. The birthplace of Zen Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu, the temple is home to a wide variety of guests; from spiritual masters, nature photographers, keen explorers and martial arts students, keen to perfect their craft. 

Must-See Places

  • The Shaolin Monastery
  • UNESCO listed - The Pagoda Forest
  • Witness Kung Fu by the performers 
  • The Hall of the Thousand Buddhas

Shaolin Temple is over two hours from Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province; founded in the 5th century AD, Shaolin Monastery and the nearby Pagoda Forest are now listed as UNESCO Heritage Sites. Because the Monastery is funded by Buddhist donations and tuition in both Buddhism and Kung Fu, carers has been able to maintain the buildings and their surrounds. Luckily, the doors are still open to those who seek the deeper secrets of Zen Buddhism and movement. 

Alive with flashing lights and music, the Kung Fu spectacle is not to be missed. Be mystified by the performers, as their focus, dexterity and unbelievable mastery of the skills of Kung Fu is breathtaking. After you’ve recovered yourself, make your way up the mountainside towards the main temple; you’ll pass through a multitude of halls and small buildings, getting lost in the legends of the area.

The Hall of a Thousand Buddhas is absolutely unforgettable, where the impressions of monks who kneeled on the cobbled floors for centuries can be seen. Further up the mountain, along the bewitching wooded track, is the Pagoda Forest, where almost 250 brick and stone pagodas dating back thousands of years are nestled between the trees.

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