Sarawak Tours

Things to do in Sarawak

  • 1Marvel at the design of Tua Pek Kong Temple.
  • 2Adventure into the reaches of Similajau National Park.
  • 3Celebrate the dawn of a new Luna New Year at Chingsan Yan Temple.
  • 4Relax and take a load off in the Annah Rais Hot Springs.
  • 5Get into the swing of it at Semenggoh Nature Reserve.

Visiting Sarawak

Borneo is an emerald beleaguered by blue sea and heavy canopies of verdant tree tops, masking the world below from the prying eyes of outsiders; exploring the complex cross sections of Borneo can take months, even years, if travellers jump from place to place, chocolate boxing their experiences and never looking beyond the recommendations of their friends or what they found on the internet. They want it all. The romantic slow drift down the Sarawak River, clutching a bamboo steering pole; the race for life within the jungle, as plants and animals step over the other, strangling contenders until sunlight brings hope; from the winding underground caverns, to the inquisitive gaze of an orang-utan, Sarawak answers every whim with a dream of its own.

Must-Do Activities

  • Hike the Pinnacles Trail.
  • Mulu World Heritage Park
  • Deer Cave
  • Tour of Orangutans of Kuching

Before you plan your route on easy street, decided if you want an adventure to remember or a holiday to forget? The latter is nice, it recharges the batteries nicely, the food is nice, the places are nice, everything is perfectly nice and nothing stands out.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to live, Sarawak is the place to do it, beginning with the Pinnacles trail. A gruelling slog is timed until the Mini Pinnacles, small limestone spires that serve as a prelude to the main attraction; you have an hour to reach this point lest you cannot march on. You may not want to, even if you do make the time cut off, but you absolutely have to and you’ll see why!

Give your climbing legs a break and swap the rough and tumble for an even terrain, as the resplendent Mulu World Heritage Park makes you fumble your words over again. Explore the cavernous Deer Cave before heading back to your hotel, feasting on local cuisine and planning your days ahead chilling out with the orangutans of Kuching.

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