Tours to Sapporo

Things to do in Sapporo

  • 1Strap on your hiking boots and explore Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park.
  • 2Catch an orchestra performance at the world class Kitara concert hall.
  • 3Take a stroll in the beautifully appointed Odori Park.
  • 4Be energised by the dynamics of Sapporo Art Park; a true visual treat.
  • 5Take to the slopes and ski away to Moiwayama Ski Area.

Visiting Sapporo

After you’ve bathed in the bright lights of Tokyo, found peace beneath the cherry blossoms of Osaka, and taken tea with the painted Geisha of Gion, collect your feet, you expectations and luggage. You won’t be needing the former, as Sapporo exceeds every vision and possibility you’ve been considering between sips of the namesake brew.

The capital of the booming island of Hokkaido, Sapporo is an adolescent in the city age stakes, particularly against its better known counterparts; though, like all adolescents, Sapporo is cosmopolitan, colourful and crowded by progress, the brainchild of nineteenth century British and American architects. Forget the smog and chaos of previous Japanese journeys; the wide streets lined by leafy, native trees and no-nonsense grid design make getting around Sapporo a dream.

Must-See Places

  • Mt Moiwa
  • Hire a bike for Moerenuma National Park
  • The Susukino district

If you fancy panoramic views and a sea of twinkling lights, flashing beneath your feet, then a trip to the peak of Mt Moiwa at night should be the first item on the agenda. Relatively safe and easily accessible, simply take the tram to the top and enjoy the view, sampling a pre-packed picnic of ramen and beer to really get into the Sapporo mood.

Down the mountain and mount a bike, as you take a pedalling tour of the rolling Moerenuma National Park, an emerald swathe of cultivated beauty at the city centre, boasting lakes, lawns and fountains, shady spots and surprising attractions. After you’ve calmed your nerves and absorbed a slither of peace, dress up and explore the vibrantly loud Susukino district, a cross-stitch of clubs, restaurants and holes-in-the-wall, serving up the latest tastes and musical influences.

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