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Things to do in Sacred Valley

  • 1The spirit of the Peruvians is abundant here
  • 2The chance to see traditional Peruvian ways of life and meet local people
  • 3Learn more about the Urubamba Valley and Inca history by visiting historical locations
  • 4The amazing landscape that can be explored in nearly any way you can imagine
  • 5For those adventurous souls, adrenaline activities are abundant

Located in the Andes of Peru, the Urubamba Valley is famous for its unique and naturally beautiful landscape. Also known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, this is the heartland of the ancient Inca Empire.


Small villages and ancient ruins are spread across the broad plain and mountain slopes, all under the huge sky. This quiet expanse of country is the fertile homeland of Andean history and culture. Get in touch with Peruvian life by spending time in the villages and historical sites. See where these people came from by learning about the Inca Empire, and witness the preservation of that glorious past in the locals that follow ancient practices and take part in centuries old festivals and celebrations.


The villages share the same qualities of being peaceful, relaxed and authentically beautiful.

Urubamba village still has traditional Andean charm and strong indigenous flavour. It was the agricultural centre in the Inca period and now has a bustling market with abundant fruit trees. The village Pisac is known for its markets that take place on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Stalls are squished together, displaying vibrant bursts of authentic Peru.


From Pisac to Ollantayambo and beyond, Inca ruins can be found. Great estates, temples, palaces, citadels, markets: these ruins show the region’s immense history. The ruins that dominate Ollantaytambo are vast and sprawling. They are so immense and powerfully constructed it’s like they’ve always been part of the land.


If you’re into adventure sports, the valley offers a number of trekking and sporting activities. River runs are particularly popular. Peru has some of the world’s wildest rivers that attracts adventure seekers rippling with excitement.


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