Sabah Tours

Things to do in Sabah

  • 1Snorkel the underwater wonderland of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.
  • 2Swim with giant sea turtles and fearsome sharks at the Sipaden National Park.
  • 3Take a relaxed stroll across the grounds of Surrender Point.
  • 4Visit Sepilok and feed the orang-utans, learning about their plights.
  • 5Be pleasantly surprised by the Mari Mari Cultural Village.

Visiting Sabah

The bountiful states of Borneo entice virgin travellers to stay longer than intended, spoiling their senses with a cornucopia of attractions, entertainments and wildlife; the second largest state Sabah is no exception, located under a blanket of emerald canopies and hemmed by the imposing Mount Kinabalu, a megalithic drawcard magnetising climbers and trailers.

Whether you climb, dive, dance or spend your days mounted on a push bike, Sabah will crawl under the covers of your imagination and stay there, highlighting your dreams with visions of forests and orang-utans.

Must-Do Activities

  • Befriend Turtles
  • Crocodile Watching
  • Gaze at Orangutans
  • Sample fresh seafood
  • Kota Kinabalu National Park

Very few destinations on earth truly have something for everyone, focusing on segmented demographics. Tropical tourists will devote days and days to exploring the Sandakan region, a veritable oasis for animal devotees, as turtles scuttle up white sand shores, crocodiles snap up a midday treat and gentle orang-utans eat bananas, warily watching smiling visitors behind wide, brown eyes.

Sample a spread of fresh seafood and snap up a special moment or two, as the Buli Sim Sim stands above the water, steady on stilts and atmosphere. Kota Kinabalu is the home of adventure and astonishing sights, a fertile expanse and the home of the famed Kota Kinabalu National Park.

Although the path to the peak of the mountain is challenging, dedicated climbers routinely reach the summit; for the rest of us, there are several trails and paths to follow, winding between the trees and lakes.

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