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Quito is blessed with everything from hiking tours, equestrian, biking to architecture, museums, old town quarters and a respectable collection of relevant art. Iglesia de La Compania de Jesus may look like just another church – that is, until you step inside.

Things to do in Quito

  • 1Examine the period art work of San Francisco Church.
  • 2Dig into the heart of Old Quito and explore Plaza Grande.
  • 3Saddle up and see the country on horseback, at Alegria Farms.
  • 4Get back to basics at the Maquipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve.
  • 5Trek the fertile volcanic lands of Pasachoa Forest Reserve

Visiting Quito

Have you ever wanted to be sprung wide-eyed and speechless by natural magnificence, searching for the perfect backdrop in which to find yourself or take time out with your favourite person? Did you dream of living in a volcano as a kid? Though the last promise is impossible to deliver, Quito covers the former in spades, nestled beneath an active stratovolcano and sprawling out to reveal one of the most fast-paced cities in Ecuador; in fact, it’s a fast growing national capital with troves of treasures to offer. Don’t wait for an invitation, get on a plane tomorrow and live the globe-trotting life you’ve always wanted under the shadow of Pichincha.

If you’re imagining destitute sights and boring side tours, snap out of it. The opulence rivals that of a provincial kingdoms jewel room, as ostentatious gold altars and majestic, plated columns provide an ornate atmosphere for a house of worship.

Must-Do Activities

  • Hiking
  • Horse-back riding
  • Biking
  • Iglesia de La Compania de Jesus

In direct contrast, the erudite appearance of La Capilla Del Hombre houses the inner workings of the artist Oswalda Guayasamin, commenting on the human condition by illustrating our feelings, fears, desires and thoughts, heart-breakingly rendered and perfectly arranged. So far, you’ve been inside, a church and an art gallery, even if the best architects and artists had a direct hand in their construction, it still doesn’t quite measure up to a day out in Old Quito.

Marvelous plazas and town squares, delectable cuisines and friendly locals all make this maze of hidden delights all the more special; don’t go into Old Quito planning anything, just relax into the local vibe and go with it!

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