Tour The Pyramids

The Pyramids have fascinated the world since their initial excavations, uncovering a sterling historical collection of treasures, antiquities and ciphers, including the Rosetta Stone and the final resting place of the child king, Tutankhamen.

Things to do in The Pyramids

  • 1Ponder the craftsmanship of the grand, golden Sphinx.
  • 2Probe the buried histories of Queen Khentkaues.
  • 3Explore the Kings Chamber within the Great Pyramid of Khufu.
  • 4Be swept away in the small wonders of the satellite pyrmaids.
  • 5Regale yourself with the benevolent histories of Menakaures rule.

Visiting The Pyramids of Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian civilisation is pervasive, constant and universally fascinating, magnetising the interest of everyone, from straight-laced white collar types to excitable culture collectors, living their holiday through the lens of a camera and social media apps instead. Whether you’re intrigued by the mythical figures of the era, or inspired by the advanced civilisation of the successive Egyptian dynasties, the Pyramids will forever be synonymous with majesty, glory and the wider identity of Egypt, past and present.

Must-Visit Sites

  • The Great Pyramid of Khufu
  • The Pyramid of Khafe
  • Resting place of Pharoh Menakaure made of limestone and granite 
  • The Valley of the Kings

Crowning the arid desert, The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the largest and oldest of the Giza Necropolis structures, constructed over a period of ten to twenty years, finalised in 2560BCE by a presumably slave driven work force. For 3,800 years, the Khufu pyramid held the title of the tallest non-organic structure in the world, originally encased in a glimmering set of casting stones that have since crumbled into sand and sediment.

Framing the king of the Pyramids, the fourth Dynasty Pyramid of Khafe isn’t quite as imposing, though rich with buried secrets and extravagant antechambers; and finally, the comparatively modest resting place of Pharoh Menakaure, composed of limestone and granite.

Though any adventurer would require weeks or months to uncover every hidden room and displayed treasure, the pyramids remain the grand appeal of the region, highlighting the Valley of the Kings, and indeed, no one dares disturb the slumber of the great kings and queens of Giza. Do you?

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