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Pushkar is a town that curves around a great lake, coming right up to meet its edges, so the layered buildings reflected in its calm water. It’s one of the oldest existing towns of India, known for its worship, fairs and mellow atmosphere. T

Things to do in Pushkar

  • 1The vibrant fairs show the playful and exuberant side to these people
  • 2The temples that are quiet and meditative
  • 3Camel tours are a way of seeing the landscape and history
  • 4The lake, beautifully serene, explored on foot
  • 5Bike tours (push or motor) of the surrounding countryside and hidden temples

Camel safaris show the surrounding small villages during harvest season, and the beautifully rugged terrain that consists of ancient mountain ranges, sandy fields, dunes, and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets that set the world alight. The main street of Pushkar is one long bazaar that sells everything from musical instruments and fabrics, to cuisine, trinkets, and souvenirs. The background noise of the town is pujas or prayers, drums and gongs, and devotional songs; of the hundreds of temples, the most famous is the Brahma temple, one of very few in the world, built thousands of years ago.

People from all over the world come for the Camel Fair, taking place in the Hindu lunar month of Kartika, October/November and has music and dances, magic shows, stalls, horse and camel races. 50,000 camels, along with other cattle and horses are sold and traded. Watch as the animals are cleaned and decked out in finery, adorned with jewellery, anklets and bells and colourful fabrics. Sometimes they even have their nose pierced!

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