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Nestled on the bank of Lake Titicaca, the city of Puno is a popular tourist destination, not only to visit, but also as a stopover point for people travelling from Peru across the Lake to Bolivia. Puno caters to a variety of different travellers with a large number of festivals throughout the year, fascinating cultural activities, and beautiful scenery.

Things to do in Puno

  • 1Pick up your own locally-made alpaca, llama or sheep-wool garment
  • 2Time your trip to fall during the Feast of the “Virgen de la Candelaria” and keep a special eye out for the world-famous traditional Puno dances
  • 3Take a stroll around Puno Harbour and shore of Lake Titicaca
  • 4Make sure you see the Sillustani Burial Towers, built to bury kings and other important people from the region in a pre-Incan society.
  • 5Take a boat trip out to one of the floating man-made reed islands

Visiting Puno

Locals are quiet and friendly, and you will want to interact with them. Talented artisans, they have many local products that make perfect souvenirs. Feel free to spend an afternoon wandering through local shops and stalls and adding to your suitcase’s weight.

There are plenty of opportunities to be taken with the Lake, and many companies will take you out for an hour or more for a very reasonable price. You should also investigate the local history, which stretches back for hundreds of years.

An important note is that hiking alone is not recommended, as there have been regular incidences of armed robberies taking place in the hills. The safest bet is to join a tour group who can take you to the safer areas for a fantastic view of the region.

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