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Things to do in Pompeii

  • 1You simply cannot visit Pompeii without visiting the UNESCO Wold Heritage site of the infamous volcanic eruption.
  • 2Test your vocals in the ancient Amphitheatre of Pompeii
  • 3Bring your camera with you to the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae for fantastic photo opportunities
  • 4To Bring get a closer look at the source of ancient Pompeii’s destruction, take a trip up the hill and see Mt Vesuvius up close and personal
  • 5Get a view of the modern city and the surrounding scenery, including Mt Vesuvius, from the Bell Tower, built in 1925, and now accessible by lift if you’ve had a bit too much gelato that day

Visiting Pompeii

Ancient history fanatics won’t need much convincing to visit the infamous city of Pompeii in Italy. Devastated by a massive explosion of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD, the ancient Roman city was frozen in time and provides an extraordinary view into the lives of ancient Romans.

The ancient site can easily take more than a day to explore. Ruins may not suit every traveller’s interests, but no one will be disappointed with the ancient offerings of Pompeii. There are more modern tourist sites, including the Lady of the Rosary church restored to use in 1873 that is the site of a pilgrimage for many Roman Catholics, and is beautiful to see.

Another excellent option is to take the afternoon to hike through the surrounding mountain ranges. Pompeii is often crawling with tourists, and there can be a few traps for unwary visitors to the region. 

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