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Behind the sandstone cliffs framing the arid expanse of the Wadi Musa, the lost city of Petra lurks, encased by burned clay and laden walls towering over two hundred metres, forbidding the sun entrance. This dismissal of natural light renders Petra a dramatic statement, carved into the walls of an ancient canyon.

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The lightning strike marks the entrance, a literal passage into the heart of this Jordian secret, occupied by travellers and pilgrims, stupefied by the glowing candlelight illuminating the facades and intricate detail of first impressions.

Surviving the light hands of treasure hunters, Petra was protected by its natural obscurity and sealed lips of the protective Bedouin tribes; until the 1800’s, the West had no knowledge of Petra, despite the city housing over 30,000 people during the era of Christ.

The lost, the abandoned, the forgotten, all modern misnomers for a sleeping city, steeped in antiquity and guarded by tradition. Once the epicentre of a sprawling kingdom, the wealth of Nabataeans is well appointed, as the Treasury still steal the words off the tongue tips of visitors.

The histories alone will fascinate you, as you sift through the tales, triumphs and tribulations of the local people, and the explorers who dared to pilfer a stolen share of the ancient bounty. Be blown away by the colourful spectacle before you.

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