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Peru is an incredible country to visit. The magnificent mountain-top stronghold of Machu Picchu is the rock-star destination, but a tour of Peru will take you to an astounding line-up of highlights – the Amazon Rainforest, Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon and the Nazca Lines.


With a spectacular Pacific coastline, lush Amazonian jungle and the soaring spine of the Andes Mountains running along its length, it's a natural wonderland. Culturally, modern Peru is a melting pot of Hispanic and indigenous cultures, with a delicious cuisine and a calendar thick with festivals – Peru travel is a colourful and lively experience.


At My Adventure Travel, we have put together a huge line-up of Peru tours from Australia. Explore our tours of Peru below and get in touch with one of our experienced consultants to start planning your perfect Peru adventure tour.

Things to do in Peru

  • 1Stand at the Sun Gate to watch the sun rise over Machu Picchu
  • 2Fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines
  • 3Take a boat to the floating islands on picturesque Lake Titicaca
  • 4Tuck into a tangy fresh ceviche in Lima
  • 5Stay in a luxurious eco-lodge in the Amazon jungle

Peru Must See

  • Hike for four spectacular days along the Inca Trail to the 'lost city' of Machu Picchu.
  • Sit on the rim of Colca Canyon and watch huge Andean condors soaring overhead.
  • Explore the colonial cities of Cusco, Arequipa, and Trujillo.
  • Take a boat down the Amazon River and watch out for wildlife.
  • Get to know the heartland of the Incas through the ruins scattered across the Sacred Valley.

Experiences in Peru

In a country so rich with history and so full of natural wonders, your Peru travel experience will be packed with highlights. We have a full range of Peru tours that cover all the options – there are active, cultural and cuisine-based Peru tours – you're sure to find your perfect itinerary.

If you're keen to get active, trekking the Inca Trail is a must – it's one of the world's best hikes. But there is plenty more on the adventure travel Peru list to keep you busy. Hike in the Andes, bird watch in Paracas National Park, cruise across Lake Titicaca or walk through the lush jungles of the Amazon Basin.

A cultural Peru tour will lead you through the stories of ancient empires rising and falling – the evidence of history is visible all around in the ancient stone cities and ruins. Take a food tour of Peru and inspire your taste buds with ceviche, antichucho, and the local specialty, roasted guinea pig. Kayak on Lake Titicaca, take the kids to Machu Picchu or immerse yourself in the birdlife of the Amazon – however you want your Peru travel experience, we have the right tour for you.

Inca Trail Tours

You can take a quick four-day Inca Trail tour or combine your hike with a tour of Peru visiting the country's highlights. We've got every Inca Trail tour option covered.

Family Tours

Take the kids on a family Peru tour – they will love exploring the markets of Cusco, the wilds of the Amazon and the astounding site of Machu Picchu.

Jungle Tours

The Amazon Rainforest is the world's greatest ecosystem – on an Amazon tour keep your eyes open for monkeys, caiman, otters, tree frogs and enough bird life to keep the most avid twitcher busy.

Food Tours

Peruvians have created a rich national cuisine featuring ancient grains, fresh seafood, and even roasted guinea pig – try it all on a foodie-themed Peru tour.

Walking and Trekking Tours

There's so much great hiking in Peru – Peru trekking tours include the classic Inca Trail, great alternative hikes to Machu Picchu, plus hikes in the Andes, Cordillera Blanca, and Huayhuash Range.

Machu Picchu Tours

A Peru adventure tour would not be complete without a visit to the glorious Incan stronghold of Machu Picchu. You can take a Machu Picchu tour from Cusco or trek the Inca Trail.


Take a boat across Lake Titicaca from Puno to visit island communities or float down the Amazon on a riverboat with a naturalist guide. Travel by boat is a great way to see the country up close on a Peru adventure tour.

Cultural Tours

Explore the white city of Arequipa, the ruins of the Sacred Valley, the cuisine of Lima and the artisan markets of Puno. A cultural tour of Peru will show you the ancient traditions that have shaped this land.

Multi-Country Tours

Combine your Peru tour with a journey through the salt plains of Bolivia, the colourful markets of Ecuador or a cruise through the wildlife playground of the Galapagos Islands.


Immerse yourself in the local culture and bask in the glory of the Andes Mountains, Peru.

Before you travel to Peru

Before embarking on an overseas adventure to Peru, brushing up on your general knowledge will make your Peru tour a whole lot easier. From knowing what currency is used and what timezone you’re in, to the local customs and weather to expect, we’ve got you sorted below:

Peru facts for travellers


Peruvian Sol

Money Exchange

Credit cards are accepted in large businesses such as hotels. ATMs for cash withdrawal are widely available in the cities. Clean, undamaged notes can be exchanged at banks. However you get your Peruvian cash, try to get small denominations as getting change for large notes can be tricky.


The official languages of Peru are Spanish and several indigenous languages including Quechua and Aymara. Peruvian tour leaders and many people involved in the tourism industry speak English.

Time Zone

UTC -5


Sockets are mostly 220 volts AC, 60 Hz. Some sockets accept plugs with two round pins, some accept two flat pins and many sockets accept both of those pin types.

Travel Immunisations

Check that your immunisations are up to date before travel. Many travellers get Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations before Peru travel. Check with your doctor or travellers' medical centre for specific advice for your Peru tour.

Weather in Peru

Peru has seasonal weather and mild temperatures year round. The warm season is December to March and the cold season is May to September. There are big differences in weather across the country – particularly between the high altitude of the Andes mountains, the coastal desert and the Amazon rainforest.

The best time to visit Peru

The best time to visit Peru does depend on where you wish to travel. However, generally speaking, the best time of year is between April and October when the rainfall is lowest around the Cusco area. It is winter but temperatures remain mild – although at night temperatures can drop below zero.

Weather in Cusco - Average Temperature and Rainfall

November to March – mild and wet

  • Daily high temperature: between17 and 19 degrees.
  • Days with rain per month: between 11 and 18 days.

April to October – mild and dry

  • Daily high temperature: between 17 and 19 degrees.
  • Days with rain per month: between 1 and 9 days.

Planning your Inca Trail Tour

If you wish to trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu on your Peru tour, here are a few facts to assist in your planning:

  • The Inca Trail is a four or five-day hike that ends at Machu Picchu. It is very strenuous in parts and training before you go may be required.
  • The Inca Trail is very popular and books out months ahead, particularly in the peak trekking season of June to August.
  • The Inca Trail is closed in February for maintenance and conservation work.
  • Alternative Peru hikes that visit Machu Picchu are available, such as the Lares Trek or Salkantay Trek.

Peruvian Food and Drinks

Peru is a land with a multicultural history and that is reflected in its food – it is almost a fusion cuisine in its own right. There are Inca, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese influences that can be found in many dishes.

If food is your thing, consider taking a food tour of Peru, where you'll visit markets, find out about local ingredients and learn to cook traditional dishes. Classic Peruvian dishes that you will no doubt sample on any Peru tour include:

  • Ceviche – raw fish marinated in lime or another citrus, served with chili and onion.
  • Antichuchos – grilled marinated meat on a skewer, often made with cow's heart.
  • Pachamanca – meats, herbs and vegetables cooked slowly on hot stones.
  • Papa a la Huancaina – potatoes in a creamy, spicy sauce with boiled eggs and olives.
  • Cuy – guinea pig is often barbecued or roasted – you have to try it at least once in your Peru travels.

Shopping in Peru

The craft markets of Peru are dazzling with bright colour. There is a long local weaving tradition and the textiles on display show a staggering level of skill and experience. The markets in Cusco and Pisac have a great range of quality handicrafts. If you are interested in purchasing something at a market, some bargaining may be needed.

Peru travel souvenirs and local handicrafts include:

  • Woven scarves, shawls, ponchos and bags.
  • Colourful woven textiles.
  • Colourful knitted hats.
  • Silver jewellery.
  • Pottery and wood carvings.
  • Small dolls, colourful woven jewellery, pan flutes.

Peru Customs and Etiquette

When travelling to any country, it is important to respect local customs. As a general rule of thumb, if you are not sure what is appropriate, observe what locals are doing and modify your behaviour to suit.

In Peru, there is a mix of cultures and customs – lifestyles are very different between the cities and the rural areas. However, across Peru, family is the most important thing and forms the centre of social life. General guidelines for etiquette while on a Peru tour include:

  • Use polite greetings with all people that you come into contact with – shopkeepers, stall holders, taxi drivers, waiters. As a minimum, give a 'Buenos Dias' when meeting someone and an 'adios' when parting.
  • Respect the modesty and reserved behaviour of local people – do not stare or make continual eye contact or behave in a noisy or domineering manner.
  • Dress conservatively when visiting churches.
  • Ask before taking photographs of people.
  • Punctuality is not considered particularly important so don't be offended by lateness.

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