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Natural terraces ascend in succession, framing the mirror surfaces of river and lakes, as the Andes pierce the sky with their craggy peaks and a thriving bio-diversity dominates an exquisitely fertile albeit remote region. Though human culture has permanent position in Patagonia, the animal kingdom reigns supreme, exercising a dominance and strict social order barely disturbed by civilisation.

Things to do in Patagonia

  • 1Canter across the brochure-beautiful landscapes of El Chalten, Santa Cruz.
  • 2Absorb the natural wonders and modern comforts of El Calafate.
  • 3Relax on the banks of a sapphire river, lazily exploring the Neuquen region.
  • 4Be stunned and surprised by the stately nature-scapes of Esquel.
  • 5Bask in the splendor of the Cascada del Rio Argio.

Visiting Patagonia

Glancing at your map, Patagonia seems to stretch out beyond the horizon, a stream of musty tracks lining an otherwise wild and stupendous landscape, teeming with unrestrained grasses, grains and wildlife, as diverse and captivating as any authentic township, few and far between on this ancient highway.

Must-Do Activities

  • Skiing, Trekking or Para-gliding in San Carlos de Bariloche
  • Hike the scenic track of Cerro Tronador
  • Laguna Esmeralda
  • Nahauel Huapei National Park

If you prefer your adventure a little less isolated, San Carlos de Bariloche provides a veritable playground for ski bunnies and trekking enthusiasts and para-gliders. After driving to the base of the track, set out on foot and explore the natural curiosities of Cerro Tronador; waterfalls, glaciers and lakes undisturbed by time, this is the perfect place to stretch your legs.

Similarly, Laguna Esmeralda is a breath taking vista of emerald brilliance, the surface of the lagoon emanating a sparkling green colour, surrounded by snow-capped mountains; you won’t be able to resist lacking up your walking shoes and picking your way through the mud to its shores.

If you have a spare day in your back pocket (and believe us, you’ll make time), a stopover at the Nahauel Huapei National Park will spoil you with picturesque trails of varying difficulties, twining through lush forests and startling views.

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