Orangutan Sanctuaries

Orangutan must see & do

  • 1Enjoy the afternoon Orangutan feeding at Sepilok – less people visit around this time
  • 2Learn about the destructive palm oil industry
  • 3Kip the night on a camp bed under a mosquito net and experience a traditional long house.
  • 4Visit the unique Gormantong Caves for a very different adventure.
  • 5Relax on the golden beaches of the Santubong Peninsula

Visiting Orangutan Sactuaries

Borneo is an earthy cache of treasures and challenges, located east of Sumatra. Though its name might not be directly on the lips of travellers, millions visit the shores of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, three very different nations squeezed into this isle of ancient rainforest and sky-touching mountains.

The dense canopies and tropical foliage shelter exotic and marvellous species, from fun flying squirrels to slithering snakes. A Borneo orangutan tour switches on the lamp-light of a night time nature walk or an afternoon sitting, as our orange haired cousins feed and chatter, recovering from the damaging onslaught of the human civilisation.

Must-See Places

  • Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary 
  • Semenggok Rehabilitation Centre

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary and Semenggok Rehabilitation Centre allow travellers to meet semi-wild primates in their natural habitat; the expansive tropical parks are free from the traps and trends of modern zoos, working toward releasing previously captured animals back into the wild.

By joining in and seizing a memory of a nursing mother or cheeky adolescent, visitors are directly contributing to the survival of this intelligent species. Let the song of Borneo soothe your adventurous whims and rest the night in an authentic long house – the scents and sounds of a traditional tea plantation seal an unforgettable Borneo experience, from the tree-tops to the bamboo floors of the forest.

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