Tours to Nubia

This African region is wild and exotic and has its own unique flavor. Nubia offers options for active travelers with cycling tours, desert tours, and camel trips.

Things to do in Nubia

  • 1Boat tours down the Nile are a popular way to see Nubia
  • 2The many museums and temples give insight into the history and culture; the Nubian Museum is a good place to start
  • 3This place encourages active travel, traverse the land on bikes or camels
  • 4The people are as vibrant as the land

Over the last century the treasures of Nubia, the people, cities and kingdoms, have gradually been revealed. The Nubian people are reclaiming their history and embracing their culture, and they invite you to experience it. The desert comes with blistering heat and little rain, and is divided by the river Nile. The land is one of mammoth distances and great natural wealth with gold mines, ebony, ivory, and incense. The intensity of the location and culture is striking.

See the landscape by taking a cruise down the Nile on a felucca, a traditional wooden sailboat. This way you can get in touch with the sea and the air, stopping off at various points see the sights. Let yourself be immersed in the vibrant community by riding down the watery highway. Everywhere you go you will meet the lively and colourful Nubian people.  The folk heritage of Nubia brings together their long and rich culture and history. It comes through in their buildings, furniture, arts, craft, jewelry, and costume. Greet their customs, values and religion with an open mind and be enriched.

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