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The Nile is an arterial spine of life, flowing through ten very different countries before trickling away into the Mediterranean Sea, below the banks of the majestic Alexandria. Traditionally associated with Egypt, the Nile has many guises, names and attractions, as its leisurely currents span 6,670 kilometres, winding through histories and fascinating cultures.

Things to do in The Nile

  • 1Visit the revered Jebel Bakal mountain in Sudan.
  • 2The majestic Murchison Falls in the Murchison National Park, Uganda.
  • 3Stroll through the ancient souqs (markets) and chat with the local traders.
  • 4Witness the crumbling glory of ancient Egypt at Luxor.
  • 5View many of the treasures unearthed from Egypt’s ancient tombs at Cairo’s Museum.

Must-do Activities

  • Murchison Falls
  • Valley of the Kings & Queens
  • Visit the Tomb of King Tutankhamen
  • The city of Cairo

Travelling from south to north, the majestic Jebel Bakal Mountain that rises out of the desert in Sudan was believed to be the spiritual birth place of ancient Egyptian and Nubian gods. Further on, the river flows through the largest National Park in Uganda where you’ll encounter the spectacular Murchison Falls, where the White Nile – a tributary of the Nile – is forced through a narrow rock gap to plunge 43 metres on to the rocks below. After you scratch Africa off your bucket list, delve into the wonderful Egypt. The endless markets are a cornucopia of colours, smells and tastes, where you can join one of the local traders for a cup of spiced tea while he describes the ancient traditions that still exist.

Across the river on the west bank lies the Valley of the Kings and Queens, the ancient burial ground for Pharaohs and dignitaries. Here you’ll find the tomb of King Tutankhamen, although the casket and treasures have long since been removed – or have they? Dare to tempt the Mummy’s curse at your own risk. Alternatively, Cairo, a hustling, bustling city that will take your breath away with its mix of ancient and modern artefacts.

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