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In the shadow of Tokyo lies a small town with a shining legacy, appealing to temple tourists and shrine enthusiasts; this pocket of an out-of-the-way prefecture is not bustling with endless crowds or bursting with must see attractions.

Nikko does not need an infinite itinerary to hold the attention of all who pass through, allowing the natural and ancient strongholds to shine brightly without feeling cluttered. You won’t claim temple fatigue. Instead, you’ll extend your stay, captivated by the emerald swathes carpeting Rinnoji Temple and the collective awe of the entire complex.

Must-See Places

  • Rinnoji Temple

Nikko is minute compared to neighbouring cities and towns, a holy place of hallowed traditions and legacies, personified by over one hundred spiritual monuments and buildings, housed in the unforgettable Tôshôgû and The Futarasan-jinja. Each block was well considered, as the buildings themselves are designed and executed to command the eye in a particular way, varying from viewpoint to viewpoint, creating a truly artistic experience.

Started by a Buddhist monk in the 8th century, today a culture of restoration and care has ensured locals remain dedicated to preserving the memory of revered figures, celebrated throughout the religious mountainside arrangement. Factual information aside, the first thing you’ll notice – well, once you move past the intricate tiling, craftsmanship and mind blowing architecture – is the harmony between buildings and nature.

Although modern developers are concerned with dominating the land and skyscapes of the world, the Shrines and Temples of Nikko do not impinge or limit the captivating beauty of extensive grounds. Everything exists in balance and here stirs eternal memories, in the quiet halls of the intricate UNESCO site.

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