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Nairobi is a boiling pot of cultural balances and kinetic energy, bubbling over with cafes, shopping centres and wildlife adventures. The nightlife throbs with music and revelry, as travellers and locals mingle over a drink and conversation until the sun peaks over the high rises, hotels and apartment buildings.

Things to do in Nairobi

  • 1Stroll through Karen Blixen’s House and Museum.
  • 2Make a new long-necked, spotted friend at the Langata Giraffe Centre.
  • 3Discover Nairobi on foot and enjoy a walking tour.
  • 4Tap into the indigenous rhythm of the Bomas of Kenya.
  • 5Dine African style on the alfresco strip of Simmers.

Visiting Nairobi

As the morning winds up, markets and vendors line the streets, plying their wares and aromas – indeed, Nairobi is not only the capital of safari; spices, vegetables and exotic scents will intoxicate your senses and beguile your stomach into ravenous addiction. Your feet will soon be stampeding to the airport, as the thoughts of tigers, giraffes and rhinoceros stir excitement levels into a frenzy.

Must-See Places

  • Nairobi National Park
  • Karura Forest Reserve
  • Nairobi National Museum

Outside the fringes of progress and habitation, the lush tree lines Karura Forest Reserve provide travellers a peaceful place to walk out the events of the previous night, before diving into Nairobi National Park.

Lauded as a national treasure, the park is a real life insight to the world of the Lion King, as buffalo gather at the water hole, zebras frolic in the long grass and hippos laze in the sun, keeping a watchful eye on the food chain. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the King (and Queen) of the jungle, as Lions stalk the savannah at random intervals, wary of four wheel drives and whispering safari seekers.

Cool off and escape the sun, winding around the installations of the Nairobi National Museum, learning about the origins of the area and the intricacies of the indigenous people.

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