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Situated at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the second largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka. In addition to being known as the “Sandalwood City”, Mysore is also famed as the “Palace City” because of the large number of elaborate palaces built over the centuries for Indian royalty.

Things to do in Mysore

  • 1Visit the Mysore Palace, in particular, the Amba Vilas, an elaborately carved section of the palace.
  • 2Situated at the foot of the Chamundi Hills, the Lalith Mahal palace is built in the style of an Italian palazzo.
  • 3 The Brindavan Gardens not only contains a vast array of unique flora, it also has a variety if ornate and beautiful fountains.
  • 4The Shivanasamudra Falls is the second largest waterfall in India. During the monsoon season, it stretches across over 1000 feet.
  • 5Talakad, on the banks of the Kaveri River, is an historic and spiritual site with over 30 temples and shrines now hidden below the sand.

The most well known palace is Mysore Palace, however, the term specifically relates to one of the palaces inside the grounds, the Amba Vilas. Another palace you must see is Lalitha Mahal.  Situated in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, this ornate palace built in the style of an Italian palazzo was built for the exclusive use of the Viceroy of India.

If your passion is Indian palaces, two more of the most well known are the Jaganmohar Palace and the Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion.

If you prefer to see the exotic and often rare flowers and trees of India, then Brindavan Gardens is a must-see. As well as the vast array of natural flora, there are many intricately decorated fountains with light displays that illuminate the gardens at night. If you have children, the Butterfly Park in Karanji Lake has a butterfly and bird park as well as boating and a play area.

One of the most popular attractions in Mysore is the Mysore Zoo. First established in 1892, it is one of the oldest zoos in the world.

Just outside the city is the Shivanasamudra Falls, the second largest waterfall in India and the source of the first hydro-electric power station in Asia. During the monsoon season, this waterfall grows in size to about 1000 feet across.

About 45 kilometres from Mysore is Talakad, located on the banks of the Kaveri River. Talakad is an historic and spiritual site, with over 30 temples and shrines now buried under the sand. Five temples  now buried by sand drifts are believed to represent the five faces f Shiva.

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