Climbing Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji is a mythical figure, immortalized in both the languid memories of thousands of adventurers, a thumping national consciousness and countless art pieces, capturing almost every face of this perfectly formed cone-shaped volcano.

Things to do in Mt Fuji

  • 1Dare to undertake an overnight climb and be swept away by a sunset inferno.
  • 2Get back to basics and bunk in an overnight cabin, living off the bear basic and tapping into the rhythm of Japan.
  • 3Wander the beautiful banks of the Fuji Five Lakes and leave hard climbing to enthusiasts.
  • 4Absorb the striking views around Hakone, as Mt Fuji frames the horizon.
  • 5Take a relaxing meander along the many trails, enjoy a lively conversation and take a camera!

Climbing Mt Fuji

Stand on top of Japan and watch the fierce brush strokes of Mother Nature streak the sky with gold, red, pink and purple, as sunset approaches and the scorching heat settles, rescinds and gives way to below zero temperatures. Don’t be tempted to make the climb wearing a hard-going pair of boardies and a thin, summer T-Shirt; from July to August (climbing season), the air is dripping with humidity and enough heat to send your feet running to the nearest beach. Drop your hesitation and dress appropriately, as when the mercury drops, you’ll be grateful for the insulation and warmth. Be prepared.

For the die-hard climbers among us may top out Mt Fuji in three hours, negotiating the burned rocks and final ascent with aplomb; for the rest, two choices are present to ensure you get the most of your experience.

You can’t visit Fuji-san without being mystified by its magnificence, and though the peaks reveal the intrinsic nature of the towering giant, a network of trails winding around the base provide a pleasurable alternative to those who would appreciate the Mt Fuji experience, without busting their lungs to attain its spectacular views.

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