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Exquisite beaches, picture postcard perfect tropical islands, excellent diving and snorkelling, charming colonial towns, lively marrabenta dance music and trekking in untrammelled, wildlife filled wildernesses - an adventure tour to Mozambique offers all this and more.

Things to do in Mozambique

  • 1Utterly dreamy white beaches, tropical islands and superb diving
  • 2The colourful capital of Maputo
  • 3Lively marrabenta dance music
  • 4The historic Ilha de Mocambique
  • 5The remote and rugged beauty of Lago Niassa

Mozambique Tours and Travel Packages

Popular Cities & Places to Visit in Mozambique

Must-See Places

  • Nightlife of Maputo
  • Gorongosa National Park
  • Sail on a dhow Archipelago das Quirimbas
  • Archipelago de Bazaruto
  • Ilha de Mocambique
  • Montes Chimanimani
  • Tea plantations of Gurue
  • The Reserva do Niassa

Enjoy the lively café scene, markets and nightlife of the capital, Maputo, sail on a dhow through the idyllic islands of the Archipelago das Quirimbas and the Archipelago de Bazaruto, visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed Ilha de Mocambique with its cobbled streets lined with colonial buildings, trek the cool forests and secluded valleys of Montes Chimanimani, where you'll also find rich traditional cultures, and the verdant hills and tea plantations of Gurue or take a safari in the wilds of Gorongosa National Park.

Further afield lies the remote and rugged beauty of Lago Niassa and the vast wilderness of the Reserva do Niassa.

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