Motorbiking in Vietnam

Abandon comfort and predictability and welcome a genuine Vietnamese experience with the throttle pounding. Motorbiking around Vietnam places you into their world, taking part in their reality, as motorbikes are a regular means of transport.

Vietnam is energetic, creative and a veritable melting pot of flavours, waiting to be savoured by droves of culturally hungry tourists drawn to its shores every year; though Vietnam is not a thriving metropolises in the heart of Asia, it retains an enthralling old world charm that is exceedingly difficult to shake. One taste and you’re hooked.

Though motorbikes rarely pop up in tourist brochures as feasible alternatives to buses and cars, a guided tour on two wheels will thrust you front-wheel first into the winding streets of Hoi An, speeding past colourful markets and the endless thrumming of regional life – indeed, the atmosphere isn’t the green glass hills, the rice paddy valleys or the rolling scenery, but the people you’ll meet along the way.

Must-Do Activities

  • Enjoy the spices of Vietnamese Cuisine
  • Enchanting Citadels
  • Cruise the Tam Glang Lagoon

On your adventure, you will delight in the spices and styles of Vietnamese gastronomy, be captivated by citadel tours, cruise the Tam Glang Lagoon and uncover the secrets of Hue, from the windy, narrow hill paths to peaceful villages, brimming with kindness and curiosity. Vietnam shouldn’t be sampled from behind dusty windows or according to a rushed and two dimensional schedule. Relax, kick back and let the motorbike take you to places you never imagined existed. 

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