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The Middle East is a region often shrouded in politics and conflicts. But don't let what you hear about in the media close your mind to exploring one of the most beautiful and friendly places on earth. A place where history talks to you at every street corner.

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This is history with a capital H. The birthplace of civilization, of writing, of religion. Cities that have been continuously inhabited for over 6000 years. A land where the kings and pharaohs reigned, where giant monuments and ancient carvings tell the stories of the rulers and gods of the time.

A tour in the Middle East is a trip into history. Not back in time, but a journey, today, where history is living and breathing all around you. Eat dinner in a restaurant in an ancient Roman courtyard. Sleep in a cave hotel. Walk around the ramparts of Jerusalem's old city, explore Troy, ride into the Valley of the Kings, or walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great.

The places are amazing, the landscapes are spectacular, the people are welcoming and the sun is always shining. What are you waiting for?

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