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Mendoza stands out from the arid, dusty streets of even the most sophisticated Argentinean metropolis, verdant and healthy with an infectious atmosphere and thriving sidewalk culture.

Things to do in Mendoza

  • 1Squeeze down mine shafts and repel down walls at Minas de Paramillos.
  • 2Take a quiet stroll around the Cerro de la Gloria.
  • 3Have a picnic in the Plaza Independencia.
  • 4Sample the fragrant wines of Bodega Renacer.
  • 5Learn about the history of local wine at Museo Del Vino.

Visiting Mendoza

Argentina contains many unexpected delights, from the hues of Lago Argentino to the buzz of Buenos Aires, the variety will stagger your senses and excite every nerve in your body. 

Begin your circuit of Mendoza with a leisurely stroll or cycle around Parque San Martin; a luscious park for picnic day trippers or travellers look for a place to unwind before heading out for a long day of exploration. Not a morning person? The sunset views from Cerro de la Gloria will encourage you to make an exception, as the sun rises of the sleeping city and the vast mountain ranges beyond.

Must-Do Activities

  • Cycle around Parque San Martin
  • Sunset viewing from Cerro de la Gloria
  • Hike the Parque Provincial Aconcagua

After enjoying your morning, why not strap on your hiking shoes and scale the stately Parque Provincial Aconcagua, a national park with vistas to steal your breath and a peak that will challenge even the most experienced hikers. Stay at sea level and tour the hiking trails, either choice is unforgettable.

If a rugged 4WD adventure strikes your fancy, the Way of 365 Curves is a six hour road trip with a difference; the road can be challenging, the scenery awe-inspiring and you’ll think the road (and twists) go on forever. It ticks every travel box just by existing!

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