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Things to do in Mandalay

  • 1Centre yourself in the shadow of Mandalay’s holiest site, Mahamuni and offer alms to the bronze Buddha.
  • 2Witness the world’s largest book at the Kuthodaw Pagoda.
  • 3Quench your thirst for beauty on Mandalay Hill, overlooking a fiery sunset or brilliant sunrise.
  • 4Forget about gold Buddhas or bronze stupas; tour the teak room of the Bargaya Monastery
  • 5Take a walk on the slippery side and visit the Snake Pagoda.

Visiting Mandalay

Though Myanmar is steeped in a colourful and textured history, Mandalay is a reasonably young city, standing since the mid-18th century; the ambitious brain child of King Mingdon Min, a pattern of war, invasion and conquest wiped out much of its extravagance.

The Royal Palace and the Atumashi emerge out of the ruins, though robbed of their original majesty (they are primarily reconstructions and tarnished with forced labour) are still stately and reflective of the bygone era of Kings. Despite its setbacks, historical difficulties and an almost destruction, Mandalay has gained traction as a thriving economic and cultural hub, as trade representatives from India and China descend.

Must-See Places

  • The Atumashi Monastery
  • The Golden Palace Monastery
  • The Royal Palace

Visiting Myanmar can be daunting; the enduring energy of Mandalay is welcoming and heavy with untapped adventures. You’ll be captivated by a network of intricate pagodas and wondrous temples, convinced their origins are of ages past, waiting for the city to be built around their golden tips and Buddha shrines. And while you can be forgiven for applying the general rule of Myanmar to Mandalay, most shrines, temples and pagodas are reasonably modern.

The Golden Palace Monastery is an exception, surviving 113 palaces to become a centrepiece in a must-see display; occupied by burgundy robed monks, the Golden Palace originally housed Kings and royal relatives, constructed solely from polished teak wood. Unique and striking, you won’t be disappointed. Mandalay is diverse, developing and on the edge of world prominence; don’t bypass this once royal site.

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